Peter Mangione
Global Footwear Partnerships
William Wong
Vice President
Hong Kong Footwear
Howard Herman
EVP (Former)
Li & Fung
Joel Lecroq

John B Prescott
Paradigm Global
Gene McCarthy
Former President & CEO
ASICS Americas Group
Yuzhong LI
China Leather
Industry Association
GFSS 2019 Advisory Committee
Dear Delegates: We are pleased to invite you to attend the 8th GFSS who gathers numbers of footwear leaders from around the world who share a common interest in practical solutions for sustainable footwear development through global innovation. We focus exclusively on one of the most important development challenges of our time: how do we create innovation ecosystems in China which could be extended to the world. Our vision is ambitious, which is nothing less than to reshape the entire way we think about economic development and growth in the footwear industry which we all cherish so much. This year, we expect almost five hundred people at the event in Shanghai from developing and emerging markets to participate, including government officials from China and Vietnam, Footwear Brands, well-known Industry Leaders and Innovators. Additionally, the event will feature leading companies, venture capital firms, academic institutions, NGOs, and startups from all over the world looking opportunities.
Active Participation: You will be actively engaged as a full participant throughout the entire event and enjoy 30 hours communicating with numbers of industry leaders & experts. Join a family: All invitees to the GFSS are like-minded individuals with similar goals, who believe that dynamic innovation ecosystems are the key to generating income, business and economic development sustainably around the world. Open new vista: Expand networks, meet partners, open markets, and learn from people with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. You will learn about more effective programs to cultivate dynamic innovation ecosystems, based on real-life examples of how others have succeeded and/or failed in other places. Solve real problems: You will participate in hands-on, interactive case study sessions to design real-world solutions to real-world innovation and entrepreneurship challenges in sections, such as digital manufacturing, new sustainable materials development, water conservation, energy alternatives, and information technologies.             
                                                                                                                                                               GFSS 2019 Advisory Committee
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